Tips Tricks and Insights of Photography for Beginners

photography for beginners

Tips, Tricks, and Insights are vital to any field. The field of my interest is Photography.

The uniqueness of tips, tricks, and insights is its repeatability. Confused? Let me help you out with that. When one has come across something new, what are the chances, you can get the same result again?

Now that is what I call repeatability. Tips, Tricks, and Insights are nothing but elements and strategies that help you recreate the same exact moment. You can call it a hack as well. All of this, in turn, will help to scale up your work.

Having tricks and insights up your sleeve is an added advantage as it helps you go about any work at a much better pace without having to lose much time.

This article will give a basic understanding of tips and tricks that can be used by the beginners for implementation in their photography routine and scaling up their skillset, getting them closer to become an amateur photographer.

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Photography for Beginners: Basics

What is Photography?

photography for beginners basics
Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Photography is a form of art that lets you capture and freeze moments that will last you a lifetime.

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Photography for Beginners Camera

When it comes to photography, having theoretical knowledge alone is not going to take you anywhere. You need to have practical experience as well. All of this comes handy when you have a camera. The next question in your mind would be what the most suitable photography for beginners camera is?

That is a very valid question, indeed. The answer to that is as simple as this

  • Brand of the Camera.
  • Understand the purpose of the requirement.
  • The environment in which the camera would be used.
  • How handy do you require your camera to be?
  • Features of the camera.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Cost of the camera.
  • Additional equipment, if any, and its cost.

Now taking all the above answers and suggestions into consideration, let us come back to our question.

When we call it a beginners camera, we do not limit it to a person who has just begun exploring the field of photography. We also take into consideration his/her experience with a camera.
Confused again? Let me simplify it for you.

photography scenarios

Scenario 1: 

Consider person A who does not know anything about cameras at all.

Scenario 2: 

Consider person B planning to upgrade from a basic digicam to a DSLR.

Scenario 3: 

Consider person C moving from Portrait Photography into Action Photography.

Do you see, all the scenarios are different in their ways, but the commonality seen in both cases is that they are beginners with respect to the new camera.

Beginners Camera

beginner cameras
Beginner Cameras

As a beginner, it is harder to choose a camera as compared to a pro. There are so many things to be considered. But due to the availability of product reviews and blog posts, it becomes easier to choose a camera.

There are many prominent brands available in the market today, some of them include:

Note: Cameras for beginners 2020 based on Survey.

These are some of the best cameras for beginners to start with. After the selection of a camera is done we move onto study its features, modes, and preventive maintenance to ensure the longevity of the camera life.

Photography 101

Photography is an art of capturing memorable events that do not repeat themselves. It is either a hit or a miss. Patience and timing is the key to a perfect click considering all of the presets such as focus, aperture, ISO and exposure are on point.

Photography is more of on-spot practical experimentation rather than presets as each time it is a different atmosphere and surrounding. You can never be certain about anything as it varies based on the circumstances.

An example would be trying to capture an image of a car during the day, and capturing the image of the same car at night. There would be changes in the ISO, shutter speed, aperture. It is the same with places as well. The settings that we use in a low lit auditorium would not be the same as that of an open ground. Hence its all about experimentation to get the perfect setting and shot.

Photography for Beginners:Tips and Tricks

  • Study the camera manual to understand the basic operating principles and modes of operation of the camera.
  • Understand photography fundamentals such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO as they go hand in hand and are the most basic camera settings.
  • Be patient and hold steady for the right shot. A tripod can also be used to keep the camera steady.
  • Clean the camera lens regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust and fingerprints.
  • Use lens filters to avoid damage due to sunlight, dust, and other environmental conditions when outdoors.
  • Keep shooting and experimenting with subjects of interest until you have discovered your niche.
  • Learn basic post-processing software.
  • Try something new every time. Keep experimenting and watch it amaze you.
  • Focus on the weak points and try getting better at it with every new experience.
  • Keep your old photos handy to remind yourself how far you have come since you started.
  • Go to networking events and meet other photographers. It helps you learn new techniques, get ideas, and help with the motivation and inspiration that you have always been in search of.
  • Lastly enjoy what you do. There is no point in taking it up if you do not enjoy it. Being in sync helps get the best out of you.


Getting the right results takes time always. There is no shortcut to success overnight. Keep experimenting and have fun while you do. Know your camera, keep practicing and keep learning. In the end it’s all the little things in life that count.

Consistency, practice, and hard work go a long way. Mix them well and you are excelling in your talent. A Beginner yesterday, an Amateur today and a Pro tomorrow.

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  1. Hi mate. I’ve just recently purchased the Nikon D3500 and these tips are quite useful. I’m still getting used to the camera settings and you’re right the truth in photography lies in experimentation.


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